Marcello Porcelli picture

Marcello Porcelli

Chief Executive Officer

Marcello Porcelli joined LargaVista in 1997 and directed the company’s transition from a petroleum retailer operating over eighty Gaseteria branded gasoline stations to a real estate development, investment, and management firm. His entrepreneurial passion and focus on sustainable development drives LargaVista's growth strategy. Marcello directs all of LargaVista's strategic planning, business development, operations, and government and regulatory affairs. He is currently presiding over 1,500,000sf of commercial and residential projects in various stages of development.

Prior to joining LargaVista, Marcello was a partner at a wall street financial firm specializing in equity derivatives. He earned his MBA at Stanford University and BA in Economics from Duke University. Marcello is a significant benefactor to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital along with many other notable charities. Finally, Marcello serves on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Board of Advisors, President's Society Council and James B. Duke Circle at Duke University.